Introducing Grove + BambooHR

Chris Allsopp

A core principle of Grove’s product philosophy is to meet employees where they are. By integrating with the (other) tools you love, Grove weaves into existing workflows and ensures a frictionless experience for everyone.

Few tools in the HR technology ecosystem are as foundational as the HRIS, so making that integration process simple is a high priority for us. That’s why we’re excited to announce our integration partnership with BambooHR. Through this integration, BambooHR customers can import their entire organizations into Grove with just one click.

Key highlights

  • Instantly import new users by syncing with BambooHR.
  • Automatically create, update, and deactivate users as they are added, changed, or removed in BambooHR.
  • Ensure a seamless single sign-on experience for every user.
  • Generate detailed and meaningful reports based on imported BambooHR data.

Enabling the BambooHR integration is easy. After selecting BambooHR from our list of HRIS integrations, head over to the Users page and select “Sync with BambooHR”.

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