Trust matters: Grove's commitment to protecting your data

At Grove, we understand that customers and their employees trust us with their data, so we’re committed to information security and data privacy as critical components of our service to you.

Here’s a look at what Grove’s security experts have been working on:

GDPR Compliance

We've been working with internationally recognized external privacy consultants in preparation for GDPR compliance.

Organizational Security

Dedicated staff is responsible for risk management and information security. We also conduct background checks on all employees.

Application Security

Access to the Grove platform is authenticated using customer's SAML-compliant federated identity provider, Google integration, or passwords, which are hashed with bcrypt algorithm.

Vulnerability Management

Daily vulnerability scanning is performed on all Grove production systems.

Data Protection

All personally identifiable information is encrypted in our database systems. Additionally, full disk encryption is enabled for all systems containing customer data, and backups are encrypted using AES256 symmetric encryption algorithm.

Network Security

Our production environment is fully segregated from corporate, development, and test environments. We use Next Gen WAF and RASP technology to protect the Grove Platform.

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