Better together.

Build a home for your organization's ERGs, interest groups, and other community programs.

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Create and share communities

Polish up your community programs with thoughtfully-designed pages that promote discovery and engagement.


Community pages

Create custom pages for each community where members can convene.

Membership management

People can join communities with one click, making it easy to stay in the loop on important updates.

Resources and events

Post key links, articles, and attachments, along with any upcoming events members should know about.

Manage members and resources

Equip community admins with the tools they need to connect and engage with their audience.


Everything in one place

Gain a holistic view of the communities shaping your company's culture.

Admin permissions

Empower group leaders to manage their respective communities within a structured environment.

Import members

No need to start from scratch. Seamlessly import members from your existing group lists.

Elevate visibility and awareness

Employees can easily discover new communities and engage with existing ones.


Community directory

Promote employee discovery of new communities through a centralized and accessible system.

My communities

People can quickly navigate between the communities they're a part of, making it easy to engage and stay updated.

Share on Slack

Share information and encourage membership by posting a community link in Slack.

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