An Evening with Leaders in Belonging

Chris Allsopp

We’re always exploring new ways for companies to create inclusive communities at work. And in that spirit, Grove recently co-hosted a Leaders in Belonging Dinner, along with our friends at Disco and Spot.

The evening featured an interactive discussion with People leaders who are spearheading the future of a more inclusive, diverse, and engaging workplace experience. It also set the scene for creating face-to-face, human-level connections amongst our guests. (Something at the heart of Grove’s mission.)

A Fireside Chat

Judith Michelle Williams, SVP of Global Head of People Sustainability & Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at SAP, led an insightful discussion, moderated by Matthew Yazzie.

Thought-provoking topics included HR’s often-perceived role as the de facto DEI function, how innovative companies are thinking about HR as it evolves in the future, and what people can do to create a culture of belonging.

Before the event, we asked attendees for one question, challenge, or success story they’d like to share around fostering a sense of belonging or community at the workplace. Here are a few of the responses we received:

  • How have companies organized, launched, and supported affinity/employee resource groups? What successes and challenges have you experienced?
  • Can people feel like they belong to the larger company by simply making connections 1:1 or in small groups within the company, or does there need to be some explicit tie to the larger organization and goals? If people never connect personally can they ever feel like they belong? What are the different models for belonging?
  • Which leaders/teams/organizers have quantified the impact/effectiveness of their initiatives to foster belonging and community

Want to join the conversation? We’d love to hear your thoughts on fostering belonging at work. Drop us a line, or schedule a demo to learn how Grove helps companies power inclusive communities at work.

Special thanks to everyone who made it out to the event, Family Meal Catering of San Francisco for the fantastic food, Santiago Achával and Jon Staenberg, winemakers of Argentina’s Hand of God wines, and of course, Judith and Matthew for the incredible conversation.

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