Meet our newest advisor,
Claudia Fulga

Chris Allsopp

There's no shortage of pitfalls to avoid when building a business. Having passionate, thoughtful advisors in our corner is key to successfully navigating crucial decisions and delivering the best possible experience for our customers.

We're incredibly excited to welcome the newest member of our advisory board, Claudia Fulga. Claudia is an HR leader, community builder, and subject matter expert on creating and scaling meaningful employee experiences. Her background includes the launch and development of six People Operations departments at organizations such as Imgur, Fivestars, Ticketfly, and San Francisco State University. She also cofounded HR 2.0, a networking group of roughly 1,000 HR professionals seeking to push innovation in the HR startup community.

Within organizations, Claudia approaches culture through the lens of relationship-based community building, where every work relationship is an opportunity to create a long-lasting, meaningful connection. In an interview with Inc., Claudia shared this advice on the relationship between culture and community in the workplace:

"Many organizations say that their greatest asset is their people. However, when they fail to actually put people first, it hinders their success--a failure that becomes increasingly problematic as the organization scales up. Just as your employees are living, breathing and constantly evolving, so too should your organization. Continuing to enforce the established culture on the entire staff or apply the same management style or principles with every individual is a mistake that drives great employees away."

"Building an effective community based on authentic relationships, radical responsibility and value-driven behaviors creates a sustainable, growth-oriented environment where employees can perform at their peak, even during rapid growth or challenging times."

Grove was founded on the principle that organizations are built on relationships and companies must be intentional about fostering connections. This addition to our team enriches our commitment to that principle, and we couldn't be more excited for what lies ahead. On her decision to become a Grove advisor, Claudia shared: "I believe in Grove’s mission to help all of us build communities within organizations and create cross functional relationships across the company that are impactful, intentional and lasting."

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